Personal Stats Are Important

In the modern day of cricket, stats are used all the time. When watching a cricket match on TV, you will see personal stats every time a new bowler or batsman steps up to play. Batsmen’s stats usually include the number of matches they’ve played, The total amount of runs they have scored, their high score, how many centuries and half centuries they have scored, the average amount of runs they make per match and their strike rate (average amount of runs scored per hundred balls).

A bowlers stats will have the number of matches played, the number of overs bowled, the number of wickets they have taken, their bowling average (average number of runs conceded per wicket taken), their strike rate (average number of runs scored per hundred balls delivered), their economy (average amount of runs scored per over) and their best bowling figures in a single match.

Why Are Stats So Important?

For fans, stats can create an insight into their favorite players or their opposition. Team selectors can choose who should be playing in upcoming tournaments by judging their current and past stats, seeing whether the player is in good form or not. Sport betting agencies can use stats to supply betting odds on their sites.

Many sporting schools or cricket clubs will not accept new players unless they have accurate stats to provide them. A few years back, talent scouts would go to matches and select players on how well they did in a match but this often did not work out for them as a player might be selected for doing well in a single match, meanwhile they have been playing poorly for the rest of the season. Talent scouts will now look at player stats before selecting talented players as it gives them a much more accurate detail of the players averages.

As a young player wanting to progress in cricket, it is vitally important to keep their stats available and up to date- not only will it help them get selected but it will pin-point where their strengths and weaknesses are and will ultimately help them to improve their overall game.


How To Calculate Cricket Stats


  • Batting average= Runs Scored divided by Times out
  • Batting Strike rate= (Runs scored x 100) divided by Balls faced


  • Bowling Average= Runs conceded divided by Wickets taken
  • Bowling Economy Rate= Runs conceded divided by Overs Bowled
  • Bowling Strike Rate= Balls bowled divided by Wickets taken