Cricket is a game which requires skills in many different aspects- speed, agility, dexterity and teamwork to name but a few. Here are 3 surprising sports that can help to improve your cricket game.

1. Table Tennis

Table tennis is a game of speed, focus and hand-eye coordination. Playing table tennis regularly can help to improve and extend your focus, which is vital when batting at the crease waiting for the bowler to run up and deliver the ball and deciding what shot to play. The speed at which table tennis is played mixed with the dexterity needed to hit the ball back to your opponent increases your hand-eye coordination- this helps with fielding and catching the ball, especially in fast-reaction area’s of the field such as the slips or point.

2. Basketball

Basketball is a brilliant team sport. It builds strength, confidence and communication skills between team mates. The stop-start sequence of the game plus running up and down the court improves cardiovascular fitness and is similar to the fitness required for batsmen when running between the wickets. Playing basketball with your cricket teammates will improve your overall team moral and can lead to better communication on the field.

3. Golf

Golf involves concentration, aim and good form. There is nothing more satisfying in golf than swinging the golf club properly and hearing the “ping” sound of connecting club to ball and watching the perfect shot as it whizzes through the air towards its target. There is a lot of skill required in perfecting your shot and hitting the ball as far as it needs to be without going beyond the target. Playing a round of golf once a week can help with increased focus, shot timing and middling the ball with your bat.