howzattt cricket ambassador

Join the exciting #PASS-IT-ON Project by donating your pre-loved, outgrown, or extra cricketing equipment.

howzattt cricket ambassador


Howzattt Cricket Bowler

Question: What is a Howzattt Ambassador???

Answer: A Howzattt Ambassador is a Representative or Promoter of a very special and specific task or project.

Question:  What is the project?

 Answer:  The PASS-IT-ON project…

Question: What does PASS-IT-ON mean?

Answer: PASS-IT-ON means that when you no longer need something of value, you PASS-IT-ON to someone else in need….as a gift or gesture of goodwill.  No money or obligation is ever expected from that person in return …..…it’s a gift generously given by you to someone else in need.  Just imagine what a difference you can make?  

And in doing so you become an Ambassador for this amazing game called cricket.

Question: What activity do I have to do to become a Howzattt Ambassador?

Answer: If you have outgrown or no longer have any further use of your pre-loved cricket equipment, why not PASS-IT-ON to someone else who has the passion for this game just as much as you do but cannot afford to go and buy new or even used cricket equipment. There are many people, not just in our country but around the world that can benefit from the PASS-IT-ON Ambassador project.

By doing this very kind gesture, you will become a Howzattt Ambassador and receive your well earned FREE HOWZATTT PASS-IT-ON Ambassador Badge for your hat, bag or shirt; a FREE HOWZATTT Ambassador Sticker for your bat or water bottle and a HOWZATTT AMBASSADOR CERTIFICATE for you to frame and put on your wall.

Now, let me tell you how it works…..


Howzattt Cricket Bowler
Howzattt Cricket Bowler

Step 1: First, check with your parents that you may give away some of your cricket equipment, if they agree, then gather that cricket equipment together in a parcel ready to PASS-IT-ON.

Step 2: Download and colour PRINT one of the A4 size Howzattt Ambassador PASS-IT-ON Flags (with parental consent on second page)

Howzattt Cricket Bowler

Step 3: Get your parent, coach, or teacher to help you contact a local school Principal or Sports Coach in your area where cricket is played and arrange to take the equipment to them.

Step 4: Ask the Principal or the Coach to be photographed with you (Howzattt Ambassador Flag in hand)

Step 5: Send our team an email at and your PHOTO together with the CONSENT form signed by your parents or guardian giving us permission to post your Ambassador photo on our website, as well as the PROOF OF PAYMENT to cover the Handling and Postage costs.

PLEASE NOTE:  DO NOT write any children’s name/s (but ONLY the name of the school) on the Flag to whom you have donated your equipment.

Howzattt Cricket Bowler

IMPORTANT: please note, for privacy reasons, DO NOT give  your name or any of the player’s names….only the name of the School or  Cricket Team whom you have donated the equipment to.

Step 6: Once we have received ALL of the above you will automatically qualify for your FREE Ambassador Badge, Sticker and Certificate and we will download your photo to our Website’s “Ambassador Tab” to join all our other Howzattt Ambassadors from around the world!!

Step 7: Your Ambassador parcel will be posted to you within a few days.

Step 8: When you’ve done this…why not PASS-IT-ON and tell your friends to do the same….just imagine how we can grow the love of this game among new friends and maybe even future cricket Heros. 

There is nothing like sport to unite people.

Yours in cricket….


howzattt cricket ambassador


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